10 Free Photoshop Templates for Save the Date Cards

As restrictions are being lifted in most countries large weddings are slowly being allowed to take place again. Down here in our neighborhood in Melbourne, restaurants are starting to serve full tables again and limitations on the number of guests of weddings are almost gone. What makes it more fun is that Christmas is coming … Read more

Free Wedding Invitation Templates (Printable) (Free Download) (and more!)

Welcome to the freezing cold month of December…. but not in the Paperlust office because the whole of Melbourne city is warm and sunny so sadly we never get a chance to experience a winter Christmas wonderland. It is less than four weeks to the new year and we are very excited to see what … Read more

Evite Wedding Invitations: The Pros and Cons

With the rise of technology and paperless campaigns all over the world, some are starting to shift their messaging and event announcing activities to digital mail and social media sharing. Even with special events such as weddings and birthdays, sending digital invitations over messaging apps or email has become an option for a lot of … Read more