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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Words by Lauren Ertl

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Inspired by this holiday, we wanted to share some of Ireland’s most picturesque locations to get the most insta-worthy, framed hallway wedding photos possible. With the help of our friends at Bridal Bar, we gathered the best first-hand knowledge from one of Ireland’s top wedding planners, Tara Fay of Tara Fay Events, and paired it with images of the locations by a handful of talented destination photographers she worked with. (See below.)

Sliabh Liag Cliffs // Photography by
Eric Kelly

The cliffs shown here are actually Sliabh Liag which are the lesser-known sea cliffs in Ireland, but in my mind, more impressive than the well-known Cliffs of Moher. Located in Donegal, depending on whom you speak with, they are the highest or second-highest sea cliffs in Ireland, and among the highest in Europe. What is so remarkable about them is that you can be there and the sun is shining and 5 minutes later the tops of the cliffs are covered in sea mist like in this image.

Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLi) // Photography by
Story of Eve

The Museum of Literature Ireland in Dublin is one of those hidden gems that so few people know about. Originally part of the University of Dublin, itsa Georgianera house with the most magnificent features including the plasterwork and this staircase. James Joyce studied in this building during his time at the University. It became the Museum in 2019 and is used for weddings with couples having access to the gardens outside also which open onto the beautiful Iveagh Gardens, originally owned by the Guinness family and part of Iveagh house which is located a few doors down from MoLi.

Irish Marches // Photography by Eric Kelly

Ireland was one of the first countries in the world to hold a referendum on LGBTQ marriage. In May 2015, the law was enacted in November of that year giving queer couples the same guarantees and recognition as heterosexuals. These images showing an LGBTQ couple in the Irish midlands show how different Ireland is. We are a small island, but full of wonderful little surprises like the lakes in the midlands. So much so, that it has its own tourist designation now and is called Irelands hidden heartlands.

Ballingarry Church // Photography by Unikeye Photography

I do love a church wedding and most of the time, people do forget to look up at the ceiling in a church and often forget to look at the stained glass. This ceiling is the perfect design for beautiful acoustics so our amazing soprano and choir and chamber orchestra needed no amplification in this space even with 300 guests.

Ballynahinch Castle // Photography by Eric Kelly

Note the boots, they are like Wellington boots but are actually called Dubarry and are quintessentially Irish. They are probably the one boot you can easily pull off with a wedding dress, especially at the side of the Ballynahinch Lake in Connemara in the west of Ireland, where it is always special to have a wedding.

Adare Manor // Photography by Story of Eve

I mean this is how this venue always looks! Even if the hotel was full you can still get this image for your wedding, as they will ensure that you have the manor in your image. Its such an iconic location and so special for a wedding.

Gloster House // Photography by Brosnan Photographic

I always laugh when people ask if we have great venues and castles in Ireland, yes we do in abundance. Love this photo of Aureana and Gerhard in Gloster House. They flew in from Japan and all their guests flew from Hawaii for their destination wedding, which had a dress code of white tie and tiara so it was a true house party ball.

Bantry House Ceremony // Photography by Lisa ODwyer

We helda Celtic handfasting ceremony for this part underneath a wishing ring containing wishes to be bestowed on the couple

In the very early 20th century an Irish artist called William John Leech painted light-filled landscapes and portraits of Irish people and this image is like a Leech painting. In fact, the sea in the background looks like a painting even though that is what it looks like!

This photo shows Bantry House in the background and is taken from the seaside and I love it because its like the couple is walking back to their party having taken a moment out to themselves. It also shows the great light we get in Ireland, wherein the summer months it can be bright up to 10.30 pm at night.

I love this image so much showing the music room in Bantry house, as its like looking on to a quiet moment with a couple like we have crept in on them.

This image always reminds me of someone setting out on a journey, which in reality is what marriage is. The steps at Bantry house are such an amazing backdrop for photos and are always lush and green.

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