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Clothes don’t have a gender, and whether you are male, female, enby, non-binary, gender neutral, gender fluid or have any other gender identity you should be able to feel like you can wear whatever you like on your wedding day .

This is especially true when you are eloping. You’ll have already picked an lgbtqia+ friendly destination that supports marriage equality, and without having to think about what your guests will say you are free to pick whatever makes you feel the best.

Whether that’s both rocking dresses, or saying “I do” in identical suits. By eloping you are doing the wedding your way, and what you wear is another great way to make it that little bit more personal.

Although clothes can be worn by any one, we live in a society where some clothes feel more gendered than others. In this blog I’ll be sharing some suggestions of where you can find:

  • Androgynous suits
  • Alternative gender neutral wedding outfits
  • And little details that you can add to your outfit to complete the look.

Tips for finding the right outfit for your elopement

Gender neutral can go as glam or as simple as you want but there are a few things to remember when you are picking your outfits, especially if you are planning on wearing them in the mountains.

  • If you are planning to hike in more technical gear and then get changed it’s important to think about how easy it will be to get ready once you are out on the trail.
  • Think about the activities you want to do and how practical it will be, if you are hoping to get out skiing or snowboarding in your wedding gear then make sure it is practical to move in, that it will keep you warm enough, and that there isn’t anything that could get caught in your equipment.
  • Can you carry it? This is particularly important for multi-day eleopments where you might want to bring your wedding outfits with you and take them on and off several times. Making sure they are light enough to carry, and pack down easily will make a huge difference.
  • Remember that if you are hitting the trails together you’ll want to have suitable footwear, something that’s waterproof, sturdy and comfortable. It’s best to wear something you’ve already used a few times and worn in.
  • Be prepared for all weather. Especially if you are heading out into the mountains to celebrate your day. You might need hats and sunglasses, or extra layers and waterproofs. The weather can be really changeable and making sure you have enough gear with you is essential.

Androgynous Suits

There are so many incredible designers out there stepping outside of gender binaries in their clothing ranges. What I love about these next designers is that their designs are completely non-gendered. Giving you the freedom to pick whatever items work for you.


Started out of a frustration with outdated gender norms in the fashion industry Wildfang create looks that are fresh and unique. Making outfits that are practical – read pockets that you can actually put things in – as well as designed to make you look and feel incredible.

Price Range: $300-$400 – Shop Now

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch describe them selves as challenging Industry norms on what is considered menswear & womenswear, and aim instead to create well-fitting outfits to make you feel comfortable and confident. They’ve got an entire range of formal wear that would be perfect for any elopement wedding, as well as for wedding guests.

Price Range: $500-$750 – Shop Now

Peau De Loup

This Canadian based brand prides themselves on making clothes that fit bodies – not genders. specialising in designing outfits that are based on traditional men’s wear lines and tailoring them to female and non-binary bodies. The have a great range of blazers and waistcoats that you can put together to get the exact look and feel that works for you.

Price Range: $250 for a blazer and waistcoat – Shop Now

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